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Do you sell authentic Apple Air Pods?

No, the wireless headphones that we sell are not Apple AirPods. We are not affiliated with Apple at all, even though our headphones look similar to AirPods. Our headphones have a few key differences that differentiate us from AirPods, which means that our headphones do not infringe on any of Apples' patents or intellectual property. These differences include how our headphones have different hardware, different audio-air-hole designs, and we also put LED lights in our headphones which makes us very different compared to AirPods. We are very proud of our wireless headphones because they still have amazing sound quality, and they are way cheaper than Apple Air Pods! The reason we started Your Pod Plug is because we wanted to provide a less expensive way for people like you to buy high quality wireless headphones.

How long will it take the products to arrive?

If you live in the US, it takes about 10-14 business days for your wireless headphones to arrive. However, it takes longer for accessories to arrive. All accessories are custom made when ordered, so it takes upwards 45 days for all accessories to arrive (sometimes it only takes about 14 days, but it sometimes will be upwards of 45 days) if you live in the US. For most countries outside of the US, shipping will take a bit longer. Remember, shipping is FREE!

How long does it take for the order to be processed?

It takes about 4 working days for the order to be processed. 

What happens if the package is lost?

As long as you enter your address correctly, your package will arrive. We accept refunds and returns under certain situations. Please look at the return policy-

What happens if the product is broken when I receive it? 

Before each product is shipped out, our factory does a deep inspection of the product to ensure that it is working correctly. Each item we ship out is in great condition, as we get rid of all faulty items before they are ever shipped out. Because of this, we know that the products will be in great condition when you arrive. However, if there is a problem with your product when it arrives, look at the return policy to see what you can do-

If you have any questions, email